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Dear friends,


The Winter Solstice is a profound time of the year shared by many cultures and creeds. It’s a moment when our Earth reaches a pivotal point in its celestial cycle. It also marks the shortest day and the longest night, inviting us to embrace the stillness and darkness that surrounds us.

A perfect time for introspection, for delving deep within ourselves and an opportunity to release what no longer serves us. To let go of the past and set intentions for the year ahead.

We wish you a healthy and hearty festive season ahead and remember to take some good space for yourself in the midst of it all. 

Chris. Elliot and the OPO team

02. Journey In - Northern Lights. Play.jpg



It's become a yearly tradition but our OPO journey into the Northern lights is one of our favourites. Produced by the gifted musician and composer Lasse Mosegard and founder Chris Connors, The Great North is a truly mesmerising journey into the vastness of the Northern Lights.

For this one it is best to lie down, eyes closed and allow some time afterward to integrate as the sounds are highly engaging.

Discover more sessions in our free OPO app.

03. Venture Out. Lofoten - noplay-fotor.jpg



Earlier this year we ventured to Lofoten to explore the wild terrains of this majestic Archipelago. Today we are imagining it fully blanketed with snow under the dance of the northern lights. True beauty and wonder. We recommend staying at the Hattvika Lodge for an enhanced and expanded experience, amazing views and delicious local food.

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Anchor Community



What does Winter Solstice mean to you?
Winter solstice is particularly poignant to me this year as we have ended the year losing a dear companion, so the theme of death and rebirth is close to my heart right now. I always love that this dark night shines loud, bringing the lighter days, heralding the first beginnings of new growth. For me it’s a time to shed another layer through the ritual of light and fire.

What are your favourite rituals at this time of year?
I always create a ritual that I have passed on to my children of creating a representation of things I wish to let go of, using herbs, written notes or symbolic gestures, and burn them. I will light one of our beeswax candles, burn incense, and keep a candle burning through the night. My rituals involve smoke and fire and I’d smoke a cigarette if I could! I also like the silence of this night so will take a bath in our magnesium and eucalyptus bath salts. I’m well stocked for ritual. 

If you could create an OPO portal where would it be? 
If I could create an OPO portal it would be on the Isle of Harris in the outer Hebrides with its amazing view and raw nature.

What message of goodwill would you like to share at this festive time?
The message I would like to share is to thine own self be true.

Connect in with Katrina here.

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Make 2024 count with the Five Minute Journal. Even on the busiest days, we recommend spending only five minutes practicing gratitude to boost positivity, reduce anxiety and improve well-being. It's the simplest, science-backed way to a better daily life. Simple acts can have powerful consequences.

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Take time to indulge in these warming sounds and songs curated for a perfect restful Winter day. Relax into our mix of sounds and heartening beats here. With tracks from Olafur Arnolds, Goldfrapp, Mari Boine, and more. 

'Meditation is inner music, music is outer Meditation'


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