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Dear friends


November is the month when we adjust to the longer nights. It's the Autumn season in full flow. For some this can feel challenging but there are practical ways to adapt smoothly, to embrace the elements.

It's a perfect time to make your home feel as cosy and warm as possible for the winter ahead. Rugs, fires, candles, baths, soups, infra red heat, meditation zones, OPO sounds and playlists.

To balance this out, embracing the colder elements of winter rather than fearing them can psychologically shift your day and ease the winter blues. And, importantly, absorb as much outdoor daylight as possible to enhance sleep and circadian rhythm.

Research shows that cold exposure is good for us when done in the right way. It can boost immunity at this time when it is needed most. Take a cold shower in the mornings or plunge in cold/ice waters if you have the opportunity.

Find practices that suit you and remember to breathe deep as you experience them. Here's to a healthy embrace of the seasons ahead!

Chris. Elliot and the OPO team




We are delighted to announce our partnership with one of the most inspiring conscious beauty brands De Mamiel. Bringing scent and sounds together for a deeper, cellular connection to the present moment.

Prepare your bath with Soothe Bath Soak.
Press play on the OPO session.
Settle into your bath
And allow your whole system to surrender into relaxation.

Discover Soothe Bath Soak exclusively at Goop and the de Mamiel store.
This Bath Soak comes with an OPO Playpad with a range of mindful content. 

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Find true stillness in the heart of New York City with this new OPO portal in the beautiful Washington Square Park.

This oasis of presence, sound and meditation in Greenwich Village is a gathering place for avant-garde artists, chess players, local dog walkers and children alike. 

Take a seat on any bench on the pathways leading away from the central fountain. Feel into the energy of this thriving community and immerse into a world of symmetry, nature and architecture. Finding your moment of stillness within the noise. 


Discover Washington Square Park and more in our free OPO app.

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with Annee de Mamiel

Annee is the acclaimed founder and formulator of De Mamiel, the pioneering skincare brand using natural formulas activated by science and designed to treat the impact of stress on our skin.

A friend of OPO and leader in the world of conscious beauty, Annee is as inspiring as it gets. Her award-winning product line is formulated in her lab in the British countryside.


Every product is made by hand, powered by Annee’s extensive expertise, clinical practice and skin health know-how. A know-how that comes from an extraordinary life as an acupuncturist, herbalist, world-famous facialist, and Chinese-medicine specialist.

Follow the link to hear Annee and Chris discussing the influence of Autumn on our lives, connecting to our natural daily cycles, how they each got started and the alchemy of bringing scent and sound together for the De Mamiel Soothe Bath Soak experience.

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Cosy up to the smooth jazzy tones of this OPO playlist on Spotify. Set up for a night at home alone or with loved ones and bring out the Hygge as holiday season approaches.

With tracks from Ben Webster, Chet Baker, Bengt Hallberg, and more, relax into our mix of sounds and heartening beats here.


'Meditation is inner music, music is outer Meditation'


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