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Dear friends,

November nights are in and the invitation to make our homes cosy for the season is calling. Now is the perfect time to set up for the winter and holiday season ahead.

Of course, Home is more than just a physical space. It’s a feeling. An experience. An immersion even.

I believe that experiencing the present moment is an internal ‘coming home’ because it creates an immediate feeling of just being okay with the world as it is right now.

So I invite you to immerse deeper in the feeling of Home and set up your space for meditation through winter. Try creating a special area to sit, a designated seat, a surface to place an object or candle that evokes presence and simplicity. 

When you are ready, try the sessions in our ‘Journey In’ section of the OPO app to enhance your experience of that internal & external place called Home.

Love Chris

Chris Connors, OPO Founder


Part of our intention as a social enterprise is to work with partner communities so we can keep our public portals free.

We have formed partnerships with hospitality innovators Soho House (link) and 'slowness' (link). Together we are exploring how we can build impact for both their communities and wider communities around the world.

This follows our initiative to bring more stillness and practice to communities in hospitality, workspace, schools, hospitals and beyond.

If you would like to bring OPO to your community contact us here.


To experience the Evening Reflections session from our Soho House partnership, tap the image or here.



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Emile is an artist, musician, photographer and all round creative, spending his time between London and Ibiza. He works with our creative team to bring OPO's visual and audio worlds together.

"As a mid-twenty year old, I find myself during a time in my life where I’ve never been more eager to experience, travel and create.

"OPO is a gentle reminder to allow myself the time to breathe. To acknowledge and appreciate my present surroundings. And to realign my focus so I can hone in on what is truly important. Essential in moments where I might feel the need to be in a million places at once." 

Connect with Emile and his work via Instagram.

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OPO guides you unique spots around the city to immerse into presence with your views. A whole new way to meditate and find stillness in the noise. And there’s no city that invites presence,  beauty and feeling like Paris.

We are opening this great city with portals in Palais Royal and Place Dauphine.

Palais Royal is the perfect city centre space to experience and OPO. Take a seat on the steps of the fountain of spheres and let be guided with beautiful views to create an in the moment meditative experience.


And as one of the prettiest and most tranquil squares in Paris, Place Dauphine is perfect to take a moment. Take any seat around this city oasis and re-connect to your natural self with our immersive sound bath. 

Find out more about how our portals work here.

Discover these Paris sessions in the OPO app.
You'll find them in the 'Venture Out' area.

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In this podcast episode spotlight Huberman Lab, takes a deep dive into the fascinating world of sleep with and epic discussion between two of the best on the science of sleep - neurobiologist, Dr Andrew Huberman and sleep expert & Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology, Dr Matthew Walker.

This episode explores how we can take a more conscious approach to sleep optimisation. As well as the effects of sunlight, caffeine, alcohol, naps, hormones, exercise, marijuana, and more.

Explore more of the Huberman Lab podcast on Spotify here. 

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Cosy up to the smooth jazzy tones of this OPO playlist. Set up for a night at home alone or with loved ones and bring out the Hygge as holiday season approaches.

Relax into our mix of sounds and heartening beats here.
With tracks from Ben Webster, Chet Baker, Bengt Hallberg, and more. 

'Meditation is inner music, music is outer Meditation'


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