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Dear friends

Summer solstice is upon us once more. A pivotal turning point in our year, when the Sun reaches its highest position and in the northern hemisphere, we experience the longest period of daylight.

Many cultures around the world celebrate this peak moment through ritual and festival celebrating life in full colour and bloom at this time, knowing that the seasons and cycles turn and change.

So we invite you to take a good breath of fresh summer air, step outside onto the earth around you and take a moment to appreciate the great golden star that brings us life and good vibrations. Happy Solstice!

Chris. Elliot and the OPO team


Awaken your senses with our Solstice Sound Journey.

Take a walk in nature and find a place to sit or even lie on the earth to bathe in sound and nature. This beautiful expansive journey is filled with a blend of powerful sound frequencies that reflect the power and stillness of the Sun. 



Discover more Summer sessions in the 'Journey In' section of our free OPO app.

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Explore The SUN SERIES by Nanushka.

We have teamed up with conscious lifestyle brand Nanushka to create the Sun Series at El Silencio in Ibiza. Our intention is to bring well-being activities based on ancient wisdom that map to the modern science of our circadian biology.

Sessions include:
The Sun Salute series - combining hiking, yoga, functional training and ending with our OPO morning journey.


The Sunset Quest series - taking you out on a quest for sunset at sea at the mystical rock at Es Vedra. Once there, experience a live sound bath and deep immersion into sunset light and sounds of the ocean.

For more information, follow the Sun Series on Instagram, or explore the Nanushka site here

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A LIFE IN FULL BLOOM with Mouji Longhi.

Mouji is the founder of La Paloma in Ibiza. Along with her family, she created the original farm to table restaurant, delighting the local and international community for 18 years.

Nestled discreetly amongst the orange groves in San Lorenzo, La Paloma invites you into a whole universe that elevates the senses on every level.

Frequented by the Boho north-islanders (and a host of renowned creatives, artists and luminaries in summer) it has earned its title as ‘El corazon de la Isla’ - the heart of the island.

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Scientists are starting to uncover the inherent links between our circadian clocks (the internal program that mediates daily rhythms) and good health.

In this episode of 'Found My Fitness', show host and cell biologist Dr Rhonda Patrick and circadian expert Dr Satchin Panda explore how our internal rhythms work and how we can optimise & strengthen our circadian biology. 

Research backed activities discussed include... sunlight exposure, exercise and time restricted eating.

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HARRY PRICE for Nanushka Sun Series

The opening of the Sun Series with a beautiful performance choreographed by Harry Price, taking place at sunset on Cala Moli, Ibiza.

Watch the exclusive performance here.

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To honour the Sun and Summer Solstice this playlist celebrates the light and vibration of this time. Head to a sunset, a sunrise or just connect to all that the sun brings.

Play our mix of still sounds and heart opening beats here. With expansive tracks from Molly Lewis, Luiz Bonfá, João Gilberto, and more. 

'Meditation is inner music, music is outer Meditation'


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