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We believe the whole hotel can be a platform for inspiring wellness.

Our unique OPO experiences form a naturally augmented wellness layer extending into the rooms, to viewpoints, rest areas, the spa, the grounds and even out into the local area.

Designed to inspire, inform and nourish, we create a wellness journey from the moment guests book their stay to the moment they dream of coming back

Pioneers in our field, OPO has been nearly five years in the making and is the culmination of over 20 years experience in meditation, design and innovation.

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Carefully curated editorial content is refreshed weekly for guests to explore. Includes activities, tools, techniques, stories and deeper explorations.


Core to our hospitality partner solution is the OPO 'Playpad'. A simple, elegant, one-touch, wellbeing platform for guests to use on their phone during their stay and to take home.


Accessed via a bespoke QR on TV screens, in email links, room/spa collateral, guest messaging, etc.

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Solutions we deliver for hospitality partners enables us to expand the creation of free public portals in our OPO App for communities around the world.

And as part of our partners' community commitment or ESG initiatives, we also offer the opportunity to sponsor free-to-use ‘portals’, via our OPO app, for their own local communities to discover, explore and connect with their surroundings, with inherent mental health benefits.

If you would like learn more about OPO for your guests & communities, we'd love to hear from you...

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