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Relax Restore Explore

OPO is an immersive mindful experience designed to enhance guest wellbeing.


Our easy-to-use OPO platform includes a curated selection of mindful practices, nourishing soundscapes and cultural content in wellness. A guide that is always on hand to help you relax and restore. All in the comfort of your own space and time while staying at the hotel. 

Sessions are created especially for those who seek to relax their mind, restore their body and explore more in life. For example, try our in-room sleep, stretch or sound experiences to reconnect with your self or venture outdoors with our mindful roaming experiences in the hotel surroundings.

OPO is a highly dynamic layer of wellbeing across the whole guest journey, from the moment their booking is confirmed, to returning home when they dream of coming back. 

Here's how it works... 


A simple, inspiring & innovative one-touch solution intended to create moments of connection in & around the hotel.

Guests simply scan the QR for a personalised well-being experience with content hosted in a private web-app. 'Tiles' of content include:

OPO signature mindful sessions - to relax & restore.

Learn to mediate session - for technique.

Curated podcasts - exploring the world of wellbeing.

Seasonal music playlists - to enhance your daily mood.

Advice on relevant topics - nutrition, sleep, etc.

Hotel stories - embracing local culture & community.

To activate OPO, QRs can be included in guest emails, on TV screens, in leaflets, etc.

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SCAN the QR for a sample of what we can create.

In addition, we will create a private area in our OPO app for guests to use these sessions, and more, anywhere, anytime. By using a one-time code, only guests will see this area. Extending guest connection from the moment they book to moments back home.

Pricing is based on the number of rooms, so there's no limit on the usage or the number of users (guests, visitors & employees can use the experiences, people can share with family & friends, the ebb and flow of guests through the seasons won't matter).




A unique OPO experience connecting specific view-points to guided content. Created in calm areas or at viewpoints in & around the hotel. 


An exploration of 5-10 locations in the local area.


We offer live guided meditation experiences with immersive soundscapes created by our sound artist. We also offer signature 'Explore More' retreats. 


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