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Our vision is of a global community

living in greater presence and exploring more in life.

Using technology, design and powerful mindful experiences, we seek to address the three dominating ailments of our current life: anxiety, isolation and disorientation. OPO enables people to shift from anxiety to relaxation, from isolation to connection, from disorientation to feeling grounded in life.

As a certified Social Enterprise, we are committed to creating and supporting greater mental & emotional wellbeing in global communities. So as we grow our commercial partner model, we create free portals in selected cities and nature spots around the world.


Accessible, inspiring experiences for everyone.

Our contribution to improving global mental health.

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Chris Connors

Founder and Joint CEO

Chris is a renowned vision maker, business and meditation mentor who has been navigating the worlds of consciousness and creativity for the past 20 years.With complementary expertise bridging the worlds of design, luxury, wellness, spiritual intelligence and philanthropy, he has steered the creative vision of ground-breaking projects for market-leading brands (including Prada, LVMH, Nike, Selfridges, Kering and Net a Porter).


His search for a better quality of life – both on a personal and societal level – is fuelled by asking the deeper questions that surround inspiration, purpose and creativity. Recently, Chris was noted as a leading name in the wellness industry by The Sunday Times; he has also judged new innovations in wellness at London’s 100% Design and has been on panel discussions at London Design Museum and Google.

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Elliot Cox
Co-creator and Joint CEO

Elliot has been leveraging technology to push the boundaries of human experience for over 20 years.


He has driven game-changing innovation in the fields of entertainment, communication and the Internet of Things, at the helm of brands such as UCI, Virgin and Truphone. 

Elliot’s passion for next-gen, human-focused experiences naturally led to OPO where, with Chris, he is harnessing the positive power of art and design, neuroscience and technology to support mental, physical and emotional wellness. 

Chris and Elliot have known each other for 17 years. Their shared passions and complementary expertise bring balance and energyto BeBox and the ground-breaking OPO ecosystem of products & experiences.


OPO immersive soundscapes are created by Danish sound artist, composer and producer, Lasse Mosegard. Collaborating with Lasse in the studio is a journey in itself. A brilliant, expansive mind and heart, Lasse creates magic in the audio world.


For all sessions: Art direction, scripting and vocals by Chris Connors. Music and production by Lasse Mosegard ℗©




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