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Dear Friends,

August is a time for Golden moments. The light is soft, the air is warm, and the water is calling. So whether you are taking time off to venture into the great outdoors, creating precious moments with loved ones or just taking deserved space for you, savour each golden moment that comes your way.

At OPO we are so grateful for all the heartening feedback from you about what we are creating. The world can often feel overwhelming. So, it’s good practice to take space, close our eyes and drop into inner stillness.


What's special about OPO is that we also advocate opening our eyes in meditation. Witnessing the present moment of life front of you. Allowing life to flow as it needs to.


Not only does this support you to stay grounded in uncertain times, it will also bring a renewed sense of connection and inspiration from the world that our mind so often forgets.

Peak 'golden' moments are available at any time through the eyes of meditation.

Chris Connors 
OPO Founder


Take this dreamy meditation with you as you chase a sunset or dream of one.

No matter where you are this summer, this evening session will open heart and soul. Bringing an instant connection to the present moment and the greatest show on earth.

Created with our master sound artist Lasse Mosegard in Ibiza, this is a beautiful expansive blend of powerful deep sound frequencies reflecting the moving stillness of the sun.

You can also find this Sunset session in 'Today At Home' in our OPO app




Our yearning to travel again is creating a need for more meaningful experiences that enhance both personal and planetary wellbeing.

OPO is passionate to play a part in supporting us to travel more consciously, and as part of this initiative we have teamed up with the beautiful Mystique Hotel on the Greek island of Santorini.

Once there, you will find a curation of unique OPO meditations sessions to use in the peaceful rooms or out perched on the stunning wild landscape. Choose one of our sessions to guide you to meditate or while you are there learn to master meditation once and for all.

We will be creating more mindful hotel experiences as we help address mental health and deeper connection while travelling. Watch this space for more or reach out to us if you feel to bring OPO to your community.

Read more about our collaboration here


Kali is 18. A student and singer currently living in Ibiza, she’s an advocate for mental health in younger generations and an avid OPO community voice.

Her dream is to master the music industry and she has discovered the power of sound and meditation to support and Inspire her through these times especially when things feel overwhelming.

At OPO we advocate that meditation becomes a vital tool and way of life for younger generations as they face greater mental health issues than any generation before them.

If you feel this is important, and are looking for solutions, connect with us here.


Setting up a good first hour of the morning sets up the rest of the day . It’s why we love the Power Hour podcast.

Listen to founder Chris Connors talk to lifestyle coach and Power Hour host, Adrienne Herbert, about the reason behind OPOs creation, what makes it distinctive from other apps and wider aspects of life through meditation.

Listen here for the full episode. With focus on OPO from 37min 20 secs


Enjoy this sunset musical journey for your remaining Summer days. Starting in mid-tempo as the sunlight begins to fade, journey into expansive sounds and epic golden moments.


Play our mix of still sounds and heart opening beats here. With tracks from Nils Frahm, Björk, Aphex Twin, Fleetwood Mac, and more.

'Meditation is inner music, music is outer Meditation'


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