Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking time here as we celebrate Earth Day.


It really inspires me to hear that many of you are using OPO and feeling supported and inspired in these challenging times, whether it's through our immersive sleep sessions, daily sound meditations or direct from portals around London, our first mindful city. Thank you!


We launched OPO in the most challenging year imaginable but as meditation has taught us, there is always stillness within the noise. So as we start our journey of growth, may OPO become green shoots in the darker soils.


Look out for news of more daily sessions here, more portals in diverse cities and places of natural beauty around the world. And read on to learn more about OPO.


Thanks again for journeying with us into the power and beauty of the present moment. More presence means more health, connection and appreciation for what really matters in life. A life on this great planet we call earth. Our home.

Chris Connors 
OPO Founder


Combining 20 years of meditation teaching with the worlds of design, innovation and technology, OPO looks at beauty of the modern world through the power of meditation.


Our eyes-open meditations, curated locations and 3D sound journeys invite you into an expanded experience of the present state. This is the optimal place to live life fully and to advance your mental, physical, emotional resilience. 


Try our home sessions in the OPO app or discover one of our portals around the world to see how we do it. And explore more about OPO through the rest of this site.


To honour Earth Day we have added new sessions. Through the brilliance of our friends at EarthToday, which launches today, we have planted our first portal in Acre, Brazil - deep in the beating heart of the Amazon, home of the Yawanawá people who are guardians of the land and all natural life there. Visit EarthToday.com to find out more on how you can help with guardianship of our earth.


And try our earth meditation in the OPO app. This 3D sound experience guides you into the lush biodiverse world that earth provides us with every day. A guided journey into expansive contemplation of life today. Deep vibrational 432kHz tones flow into our brain and heart connecting us to an expanded state of meditation.


Pearson Square is little oasis in the beating heart of London, we chose it as our foundation portal for the great city.


In the centre of the square lies a great standing stone that bridges the modern and ancient world. It comprises a 3.5-metre high, 25-tonne naturally eroded granite boulder, inscribed over its entire surface with sacred symbolic text.


Look for the portal on the app and once you are there, a meditation session will unlock and guide you into your inner world and the world around you. Eyes open, breath connected, sound and vision in full elevation.


And if you feel to, why not move on and follow a trail of OPOs through various London sites. Find out more in the OPO app.


Our winter playlist was a soothing warming immersion for home time. Now you can stream our Spring playlist as we step out into brighter days, feel the heat on our skin and connect to the world around us.


Find our Music for Spring Light playlist here.

'Meditation is inner music, music is outer Meditation'


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